Inappropriate Mascots

(Side note): If an author is standing up for Native Americans they shouldn’t go through an entire article intermittently calling them Indians. Just because Columbus was stubborn and ignorant doesn’t mean we have to continue the sentiment. As far as I know, Indians live in India. I thought by now we might have corrected that error especially when we are trying to point out how ignorant it is for people to use their image on mascots. Before we get into that, how about the author learns the name of the group he is trying to advocate for. (End of side note).

Many people have been called out for “appropriating” Native American culture. While some aspects of their culture are being “borrowed” out of respect and admiration, the use of cartoon-like stereotypes is not flattering or acceptable. Using of Native Americans as a mascot for a team sport is not okay because it dehumanizes them, propagates racist stereotypes, and it would be considered unacceptable when done with any other culture.

First, using Native Americans as mascots is not okay because it dehumanized them. According to Emily Hauser from the The Week Native Americans are now imagined as “Noble Savages forever crossing the plains in a timeless, context-less journey — not real people, at least half of whom live today in urban settings.” This means that people don’t even realize that Native Americans are still living, poorly, in America. Not acknowledging their existence makes Native Americans seem almost less than human which is simply racist and not okay.

Second, having “Native American” mascots is not okay because it portrays an offensive stereotype. Team mascots like the Cleveland Indians’ are especially racist by literally coloring the mascot red to propagate that antiquated stereotype.  “The Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo is a garishly red (get it? ‘Cause Indians are red?), be-feathered cartoon, all big nose and step-n-fetch-it grin.” Says Emily Hauser from The Week. This kind of stereotypical depiction of the complex Native American culture is insensitive and disrespectful.


The National Anthem(s)

I think that Neil Diamond’s “America” best represents what the U.S.A is all about. He captures our melting pot nature by singing about immigration.He also sings about another one of our core values: freedom. In addition, the lyrics, Got a dream to take them there. They’re coming to America. Got a dream they’ve come to share. They’re coming to America” really show how America got started. In the beginning, America was a place for new beginnings for people with bright dreams of the future, looking for freedom in this new land.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The U.S.A”, for me at least, really embodies the patriotic spirit. It makes me feel proud and happy and sad all at the same time. The build-up of the verse to the chorus and the sequence of notes really evokes feelings of pride. Also, he Lee Greenwood references soldier, an integral part of the U.S.A. He also strongly emphasizes freedom, a trait for which we are known.

I do believe that the national anthem should be updated. The “Star Spangled Banner” no longer reflects the life or attitude of the American people. The melody has been butchered and played out, and I don’t think the lyrics should stay the same. To me it seems like more of a war/battle song than one that represents the people. I think a whole new song should be written. It no longer holds true and no other song is serious enough to replace it at this point in time.

I do stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance and often say the words; however, were I given the choice ( socially ) I am not sure that I would. I think that I should be able to respect my country any way that I choose. I don’t think it’s disrespectful per se to not participate in the pledge or the national anthem. I believe this especially because the soldiers we are “disrespecting” fought for our freedom to do whatever we wanted.There shouldn’t be one definite way to respect your country.

Lord of the Flies

An island,

Aren’t there any grown ups at all?

The shore was fledged with palm trees.

A conch, a meeting, a party of boys.

Ralph, Piggy, Jack

Vote for chief.

We might be rescued.

An uninhabited island: no houses, no smoke.

Nobody knows where we are!

A beastie in the woods.

Make a fire, we’ll be rescued some time.

The silence of the forest,

Jack thought he might kill.

Ralph, Jack: passion and rage.

Hunting, shelters, smoke

Simon picked his way up the scar.

Glittering sea and sand castles.

The smeared on the clay:

For hunting, for war.

Smoke, Smoke!

A ship?

The fire’s out, and there was a ship.

Killed a pig.

They need an assembly for cleverness.

The fire is the most important thing.

Frightened cry-babies fear the beast.

There is no fear unless people are frightening.

The beast comes out of the sea.

A figure, dropping beneath a parachute,

With feet that dragged behind it.

Four unwinking eyes and two open mouths.

Sam ‘n Eric saw the beast.

Eyes, teeth, claws.

Don’t you want to be rescued?

Hunting the pig.

Hunting the beast.

Jack struck the beast, the boar.

Kill him! Kill him!

Cut his threat, bash him in!

Going to the mountain to look for the beast.

Teeth and big, black eyes.

Panic flight down the mountain.

Ralph isn’t a proper chief: Jack will be chief.

Buzzing flies over spilled guts: A gift for the beast.

Pigs head on a stick: Lord of the Flies.

Jack, putting on war paint.

Who’s going to join his tribe?

Thunder struck.

There’s going to be trouble.

A circling movement developed and a chant.

Kill the beast!

The beast was on its knees.

Simon’s dead body mover toward the sea.


What are we going to do?

It was an accident.

Tomorrow we shall hunt again.

The chief lead them.

From his hand dangled Piggy’s glasses.

We got no fire!

They blinded me!

Give me my glasses!

We’ve got to have smoke.

Ralph heard the great rock.

Piggy fell forty feet and was gone.

It was an accident

They were savage, but they were human.

Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!

They hate Ralph, they’re going to hunt him.

A stick: sharp at both ends.

Ralph ran from the terrors.

An officer, “We saw your smoke.”

Ralph wept for the loss of innocence.


Become a Vegetarian?

*Disclaimer: I actually think that being vegetarian is awesome and brave and I totally respect those who are. This was a paper I wrote for school so no offense intended towards anyone. It does not fully explore all topics that could be used to show how wonderful vegetarianism is. It is a specifically slanted piece.*

Nowadays there are many people considering vegetarianism as a way to lose weight and express their empathy for animals. Becoming a vegetarian is unnecessary, however, because eating meat can help weight loss, raising beef is the most efficient way to produce food, and eating meat is not cruel or unethical.

It is not necessary to become a vegetarian because a meat centered diet can actually help with weight loss. According to the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, “It takes fewer calories to get protein from lean meat than it does from vegetarian options.” This means that, by eating meat, you don’t have to intake, and therefore burn off, as many calories as you might following a vegetarian diet. This proves that those looking for weight loss do not need to look to vegetarianism as an option. It is worse, in fact, than an omnivorous diet.

While it is true that becoming a vegetarian does not necessarily help one lose weight, a vegetarian diet is healthier because it helps build healthy bones. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, “Vegetarians absorb more calcium because the renal acids in meat leach calcium from the bones.” This means that people maintaining a vegetarian diet can more easily absorb calcium, which is an integral factor in bone strength. Although meat may require less calorie intake to acquire the necessary amount of protein, a vegetarian diet is a healthy option that even promotes stronger bones.

Admittedly, vegetable consumption is better for bone strength than meat consumption. This does not, however, mean that it is necessary to become a vegetarian. Not only is an omnivorous diet help in weight loss, but also, eating meat is neither cruel, nor unethical. An article posted in The Sun said, “Vegetarians mistakenly evaluate the value of animal life over plant life. Research shows that plants respond electrochemically to threats and may feel fear” This means that is is no more cruel to eat meat than it is to eat plants as they are both living, feeling organisms. Overall, vegetarianism is not necessary as it one benefit, higher calcium absorption, could be easily achieved by a balanced omnivorous diet.

How To Be A Slasher Movie Protagonist

Welcome, emotionally damaged teenage girls! If you are reading this, you have been chosen as a horror movie protagonist. As the new star of a low budget masterpiece you will need to know how to succeed in your role. In ten simple steps I can teach you how to be the best “scream queen” you can be.

1. First, be a white girl. This is an essential characteristic. If you are any other race, then I am sorry to inform you that you are not the protagonist and you will most likely die soon.

2. Fail to notice anything out of the ordinary, and if you do, brush it off and blame it on your mom or the wind. Just say something reassuring like, “Oh, silly Mom, always leaving rusty knives on the floor and opening windows in the middle of winter!”

3. Make sure you don’t have any way to leave your house. No neighbors, no car, and no bikes or transportation of any kind. That would make escaping way to easy!

4. Make sure you have neglectful parents and no friends to ensure you are always alone with nobody to call. If you can’t stand being alone all the time, you are allowed to have one ditzy friend preferably named Jessica. Do understand that she will be the first to die though.

5. Be clumsy. Falling, crawling, and tripping over your own feet are all great traits of a horror movie protagonist. If you were physically competent, the movie would be no fun!

6. Be stupider than the average person. In order to drag out the plot for a full 120 minutes, you will need to make a series of terrible decisions that nobody in their right mind would make.

7. Whatever you do, don’t call the police. That would make too much sense.

8. If the killer comes into your house, run up the stairs. This will ensure that you are unable to escape. This will also give you the opportunity to take your pick of precarious hiding spots. Some of the fan favorites include: in the bathtub, in the closet, and under the bed.

9. Answer the phone. Always. No matter if you recognize the number or not. How else is the killer supposed to contact you? Also, don’t bother checking the caller ID, it’s not like that could give you any useful information.

10. Last, perfect your scream. The higher the better. To achieve the best result, imagine that you are a middle aged man being kicked in the crotch and just let out a howl.

Congratulations! After 120 minutes of running, falling, screaming, and almost get stabbed, your first masterpiece will be a moderate success. You are now on you way to a lower budget, less successful sequel.


“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.” George Washington, August 1775.  This quote is significant because it sums up the general attitude of the patriots fighting for the United States. By rallying together and fighting passionately for their beliefs, this rag-tag group of farmers, bankers, and merchants defeated the huge, well trained British army. Columbus arrived in the New World in 1492 and the european powers would soon follow. Many spanish colonies were established, but later abandoned, the French settled in parts of the U.S. and Canada, and England established Roanoke which ultimately failed. By the 1600 Spain and Portugal were the only countries with significant colonies in the United States, but in 1784 there were colonies settled by Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, France England and the Netherlands. Tension grew between the British and French colonies leading to the French and Indian War which resulted in the secession of France from most of their colonies. Ater heavy taxing of English colonies by King George III, a group of rebels or patriots formed and began fighting for their independence from their mother country. There were many important people, events, and decisions during this time period, but some stood above the rest.


Of the many important people from this time period, one of the most influential was George Washington. George Washington was the well respected commander of the Continental army; in fact he earned much of his respect from having fought in the French and Indian War. He was an amazing strategist and war general who was able to inspire those under his command. He helped his army survive Valley Forge and a couple of long, harsh, winters with few resources. When the war was over, he was so appreciated that he was offered the position of King over the English colonies, but declined and became the first U.S. president. One could say he is partially responsible for both winning the war and establishing the democratic government implemented in the United States of America today and that is why he is and extremely influential person for this time period.


Out of the the many relevant events from this time period, the one that that had the largest impact was when the Congressional Congress wrote the United States Constitution during 1776 and 1777. It came into force in 1789. Before this was written there were no supreme laws or concepts of rights. The constitution created these unalienable rights that applied to everyone in the United States, a concept that had not existed before this time. Many other documents were crafted in the image of the constitution as a set of rules after it was enforced. If the Constitution had not been written, life in the United States of America would be drastically different.


Finally, of the many important decisions made in this time period, the one that stands out as the most significant was France deciding to help America. First, they sent money and food. Later they sent weapons and troops. Finally, in 1777, France greatly helped the Patriots win their battle against the British in Saratoga. Without France’s aid, the colonists may not have won as soon as they did against the British.
Historians often talk about the Domino Theory of history, that one thing always leads to the next. This is very true of the time period from the arrival of the first European explorers to the New World to the end of the American Revolution. Without George Washington’s skills and ethics, the patriots may not have won and a monarchy could have started. If the Constitution had not been written the freedom of speech, religion, and press would not exist. having the right to anything would be unheard of, and the government would be run much differently. If the French had not helped so generously, we might not have won the American Revolution or our progress would be slower at the least. This age of exploration and independence truly shaped the way citizens of the United States of America are living today and they are some of the reasons that the U.S. is one of the larger powers of the world.


Abraham once said, “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”


As the president during such a crucial time in our country’s history, Lincoln was faced with many difficult decisions. Throughout his entire presidency he held a few core characteristics essential for any good president: a popular touch, a moral compass, and a gift for inspiring others. This goes to show that he did indeed deserve to be remembered as a great president.


Throughout Lincoln, the movie, Abraham Lincoln most definitely had a popular touch. In the beginning of the movie he was seen talking to a group of soldiers and it became clear that he was well liked by many. The soldiers even learned his speeches! Later he was shown at a hospital talking to the patients as if he visited them regularly. He was also able to easily convince his employees to do his bidding. Even his enemies respected him. Even the people who worked in the white house liked and and respected him. The sheer number of people who attended his speeches proves just how popular he was. Clearly, he was able to easily connect with the public.


Even in the beginning, Lincoln had a good moral compass. Even though he knew it would not be a popular idea, he knew it was the right thing to abolish slavery.  He fought with all of his energy to pass the 13th amendment. An example of his thoughts on hard work and responsibility was when he said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” (

This is possibly the reason why he felt it was his responsibility to end slavery sooner than later. He knew that if he didn’t pass the amendment when he did, it would not have passed and his moral compass would not let him do that. It is safe to say that he valued doing the right thing over his popularity and success.


One of the most important qualities Lincoln possessed was his gift for inspiring others. He inspired hundreds of people with his famous speeches. He was also great at rallying his employees to get what he wanted done. The only reason he was able to have the 13th passed was because he inspired people to convince members of the conservative democratic and republican parties. The effects of his inspiring was demonstrated when the soldiers were able to repeat his speech from memory. By encouraging his people, he was able to accomplish his goals more effectively.
Abraham Lincoln was a great president who was served a difficult task at an important time. Between his personable skills, his straight moral compass, and his ability to “rally the troops”, he had the characteristics of many other good presidents throughout time. He was indeed a president who deserves to be remembered. He set a high standard for future president which, has unfortunately, rarely been met. It is hard to find a president who put the needs of his country over his personal opinions and success like Abraham Lincoln did.