The National Anthem(s)

I think that Neil Diamond’s “America” best represents what the U.S.A is all about. He captures our melting pot nature by singing about immigration.He also sings about another one of our core values: freedom. In addition, the lyrics, Got a dream to take them there. They’re coming to America. Got a dream they’ve come to share. They’re coming to America” really show how America got started. In the beginning, America was a place for new beginnings for people with bright dreams of the future, looking for freedom in this new land.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The U.S.A”, for me at least, really embodies the patriotic spirit. It makes me feel proud and happy and sad all at the same time. The build-up of the verse to the chorus and the sequence of notes really evokes feelings of pride. Also, he Lee Greenwood references soldier, an integral part of the U.S.A. He also strongly emphasizes freedom, a trait for which we are known.

I do believe that the national anthem should be updated. The “Star Spangled Banner” no longer reflects the life or attitude of the American people. The melody has been butchered and played out, and I don’t think the lyrics should stay the same. To me it seems like more of a war/battle song than one that represents the people. I think a whole new song should be written. It no longer holds true and no other song is serious enough to replace it at this point in time.

I do stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance and often say the words; however, were I given the choice ( socially ) I am not sure that I would. I think that I should be able to respect my country any way that I choose. I don’t think it’s disrespectful per se to not participate in the pledge or the national anthem. I believe this especially because the soldiers we are “disrespecting” fought for our freedom to do whatever we wanted.There shouldn’t be one definite way to respect your country.


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