Lord of the Flies

An island,

Aren’t there any grown ups at all?

The shore was fledged with palm trees.

A conch, a meeting, a party of boys.

Ralph, Piggy, Jack

Vote for chief.

We might be rescued.

An uninhabited island: no houses, no smoke.

Nobody knows where we are!

A beastie in the woods.

Make a fire, we’ll be rescued some time.

The silence of the forest,

Jack thought he might kill.

Ralph, Jack: passion and rage.

Hunting, shelters, smoke

Simon picked his way up the scar.

Glittering sea and sand castles.

The smeared on the clay:

For hunting, for war.

Smoke, Smoke!

A ship?

The fire’s out, and there was a ship.

Killed a pig.

They need an assembly for cleverness.

The fire is the most important thing.

Frightened cry-babies fear the beast.

There is no fear unless people are frightening.

The beast comes out of the sea.

A figure, dropping beneath a parachute,

With feet that dragged behind it.

Four unwinking eyes and two open mouths.

Sam ‘n Eric saw the beast.

Eyes, teeth, claws.

Don’t you want to be rescued?

Hunting the pig.

Hunting the beast.

Jack struck the beast, the boar.

Kill him! Kill him!

Cut his threat, bash him in!

Going to the mountain to look for the beast.

Teeth and big, black eyes.

Panic flight down the mountain.

Ralph isn’t a proper chief: Jack will be chief.

Buzzing flies over spilled guts: A gift for the beast.

Pigs head on a stick: Lord of the Flies.

Jack, putting on war paint.

Who’s going to join his tribe?

Thunder struck.

There’s going to be trouble.

A circling movement developed and a chant.

Kill the beast!

The beast was on its knees.

Simon’s dead body mover toward the sea.


What are we going to do?

It was an accident.

Tomorrow we shall hunt again.

The chief lead them.

From his hand dangled Piggy’s glasses.

We got no fire!

They blinded me!

Give me my glasses!

We’ve got to have smoke.

Ralph heard the great rock.

Piggy fell forty feet and was gone.

It was an accident

They were savage, but they were human.

Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!

They hate Ralph, they’re going to hunt him.

A stick: sharp at both ends.

Ralph ran from the terrors.

An officer, “We saw your smoke.”

Ralph wept for the loss of innocence.



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