Should It Really Be A Luxury?

Happiness: Should it really be a luxury? I think not, but it’s incredible how many times people have dismissed my unhappiness with, “Well you’re not going to be happy all of the time.” Of course I understand that, but I shouldn’t have to be rich, talented, or ingenious to be happy for at least 50% of my life. Why should only certain people deserve to be happy?

( By now it has become apparent that I have written the word ‘happy’ an excessive amount of times ).

Back to ‘Luxury’. It means “extravagant living” or “wealthy”. Happiness should not apply. Unfortunately, many people treat it as such.

( Now, how to end this correctly? I don’t know.)

Just be happy?

Everyone deserves it.

To be happy IS NOT a luxury.


via Daily Prompt: Luxury


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