Onion W(Rap)

This is a rap about the person I mentioned in my previous article Peeling Onions. Enjoy!


So I’m a little girl huh

Well I’m not here to fuckin’ play

This shit real life

But you just treat it like a game

You’re gonna shut the hell up

And hear just what I have to say

Cause I’m the baddest bitch here

At the end of the day


I’ve met a lot of cocky people

And you seem to be the worst

You think that nobody loves you

But your just a bad flirt

If you wanna be a girl

Then go on wear a fuckin’ skirt

But if you want touch somebody

Then you’ve gotta ask them first


I can guarantee that no one

Wants to hear that joke again

And everybody rolls their eyes

About the things that you have said

Do I need to say it twice

For you to get it through your head

Not a single person here

Cares how many books you’ve read


You’re emotionally abusive

And a downright tool

You try and act real smart

But you sound like a fool

You look down on everybody

Cause you think you’re so cool

But you’re still a little boy

And this is fuckin’ high school


Once upon a time

A boy tried to be a man

First he met a pretty girl

Carved her name into his hand

Then he pissed on his friends

Just because he was sad

And he ended up alone

Oops guess thats the end


Your carrying your baggage

Everywhere like its a prize

Yeah I get it no ones problems

Measure up in your eyes

You use a small amount of charm

As your cheap disguise

Think you need to take down

Your ego a size


The is no excuse

To be a pompous asshole

Youd think in four years

Your personality’d have grown

Now I’m done with my rant

Feel free to go home

Then you can be all alone

Just like you belong


If you’d like to listen to the rap, click here.


4 thoughts on “Onion W(Rap)

    1. Hey Wanderlust! I was oddly delighted to receive a comment. I stalked your blog a bit and it seems we are quite similar. I am a year behind you (Senior year in a new school in a new state). I love traveling, adventures, books, diy crafts, and writing. I hope we can become (internet) friends in the coming year. God knows I need one!

      BTW did you listen to my silly rap or just read it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh, we really are alike! That’s pretty cool actually 😀
        I’d love to be internet friends! Are you up for emails or would you rather carry on around here for a while? If you are, check out my contact fom and send me an email so we can go from there.
        Of course I listened to the rap! The experience wouldn’t have been complete otherwise 😉
        How’s the new school? I know changing to a new one is never easy, but I hope you’re doing well ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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