Dearest Olivia,


I  can’t even begin to explain how amazing you are. I can’t imagine my life without your inspiring rants and goofy smile.


I believe we first met in Drama Club because you and I were both friends with Kristie Martin, and freshman year when I invited you to my birthday mall excursion I hardly knew you, but I was sure we were going to be friends. I thought you were so strong, confident, and brilliant, and I was in awe of your amazing voice.


I love how you have such strong opinions that you will fight for and I love that you don’t put up with anyones bullshit. We’ve had so many thought-provoking discussions and you’ve empowered me to stand up for myself more often.


I know that you sometimes think that you are not good enough, but you should know that you are gorgeous inside and out. To be completely honest, I had quite a crush on you last year. I hope that someday you find a person that you love and makes you happy.


You have the most lovely voice I’ve ever heard, and you should never let anyone bring you down. Follow your dreams of musical theater, I know you can do it, I’m only sad I won’t be there to see you continue to grow. Just remember I will always support you and be a metaphorical shoulder to lean on.


I’m crying now, writing this, because I can’t believe I have to leave. I only hope we can stay in touch. I just wanted to say that I love you and I will miss you immensely.

Love, Gwen


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