Hey Kyle,


To be honest, I hated you before I even knew you. There are so many judgey bitches at KHS and I guess I was one of them for a while. Luckily, this semester, I got to know you and now you are one of my best friends. It breaks my heart that I have to leave now especially because I haven’t even know you for that long, but I hope we can stay in touch and maybe I can visit sometime.


I remember the first time we really talked, it was about Once Upon A Time, so I guess I owe our friendship to a television show. At first I actually thought you were hitting on me ( Let’s be honest…you probably were. ) and I almost stopped talking to you. Thank gosh I didn’t. ( I was about to type ‘Thank Thor’ but it seemed a little bit too nerdy. Then again, you do play Magic. )


I know it’s really hard for you to open up, but I’m really glad you did with me, at least a little. You have to remember that you are not what people think you are. I hope you have a great two years in high school. I also hope that someday you find a beautiful girl or guy that makes you happy.


You may think you don’t have any affect on people’s lives, but I can’t imagine life without your stupid jokes and painful hugs. Every morning when you say “Hello gorgeous” it made me feel a little less ugly. ( Yes, yes I have self worth issues. ) I am always here for you ( Maybe not geographically, but you know what I mean. ) and you are never alone.


I really, really hope you are happy forever and that we never ever stop talking ( Dammit Kyle, now I’m crying. ) Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that I love you and I will miss you hardcore.
Love, Gwen


7 thoughts on “Kyle

      1. I actually gave this letter to him. I wish I could say things like this out loud, but I guess that skill will have to be learned later. Thank you for commenting by the way, I really thought nobody ever read any of this. Do you have a blog I could read?

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      2. Oh. That was braver, I think. It’s more concrete and all. Like if you just say it in words, he might miss something youd say or forgets about somethibmng important.

        No, I haven’t got any at the moment. Im still working on it 🙂 But there will be soon

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