Abraham once said, “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.”


As the president during such a crucial time in our country’s history, Lincoln was faced with many difficult decisions. Throughout his entire presidency he held a few core characteristics essential for any good president: a popular touch, a moral compass, and a gift for inspiring others. This goes to show that he did indeed deserve to be remembered as a great president.


Throughout Lincoln, the movie, Abraham Lincoln most definitely had a popular touch. In the beginning of the movie he was seen talking to a group of soldiers and it became clear that he was well liked by many. The soldiers even learned his speeches! Later he was shown at a hospital talking to the patients as if he visited them regularly. He was also able to easily convince his employees to do his bidding. Even his enemies respected him. Even the people who worked in the white house liked and and respected him. The sheer number of people who attended his speeches proves just how popular he was. Clearly, he was able to easily connect with the public.


Even in the beginning, Lincoln had a good moral compass. Even though he knew it would not be a popular idea, he knew it was the right thing to abolish slavery.  He fought with all of his energy to pass the 13th amendment. An example of his thoughts on hard work and responsibility was when he said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” (

This is possibly the reason why he felt it was his responsibility to end slavery sooner than later. He knew that if he didn’t pass the amendment when he did, it would not have passed and his moral compass would not let him do that. It is safe to say that he valued doing the right thing over his popularity and success.


One of the most important qualities Lincoln possessed was his gift for inspiring others. He inspired hundreds of people with his famous speeches. He was also great at rallying his employees to get what he wanted done. The only reason he was able to have the 13th passed was because he inspired people to convince members of the conservative democratic and republican parties. The effects of his inspiring was demonstrated when the soldiers were able to repeat his speech from memory. By encouraging his people, he was able to accomplish his goals more effectively.
Abraham Lincoln was a great president who was served a difficult task at an important time. Between his personable skills, his straight moral compass, and his ability to “rally the troops”, he had the characteristics of many other good presidents throughout time. He was indeed a president who deserves to be remembered. He set a high standard for future president which, has unfortunately, rarely been met. It is hard to find a president who put the needs of his country over his personal opinions and success like Abraham Lincoln did.


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