Let Them Eat Cake

If I could be anyone from any group we studied this year I would probably choose to be a lady in Queen Marie Antoinette’s court. She seems like quite a comical kind of person to be around, and being rich and well-fed would definitely be a plus for me.  I like France in general. That time period, however, is one of my favorites due to the luxuries afforded to the royalty. I like the copious amount of sweets and treats and the huge, over the top dresses, hats, and costumes. life without a job, just lazily wandering around a palace listening to opera music and playing poker, to me seems like a very different and fun experience. Although that time in history lead to a rather violent war ( the french revolution ) I feel that the years before this occurred would be quite blissful and peaceful for a lady with royal blood. I would probably have my own mansion and a little pet Yorkshire Terrier just for fun. It would probably even be exciting to see King Louis VII helping out the American libertarians in the American revolution. In fact I would probably feel that the American way of simplistic life was actually cute and funny. I would even visit Marie Antoinette’s little garden house in Versaille and help with her garden and take care of her children. Life in the palace would be luxurious! The ceiling would be many, many feet higher than was necessary and everything would be decadent and trimmed in gold. even clothing would be very lavish and expensive. In fact, Marie Antoinette had her very own stylists and would import different textiles, feathers, shoes, from all over the world just to have her own custom wardrobe. this would be a paradise for me considering I love all things beauty and fashion ( especially shoes ). This is why I would like to be a lady in her court.


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