The Strong Cowgirl

The subject of the following article will remain anonymous for her own safety and sanity. This hardworking horse lover has been through hard times. Her family is a mess: her dad has rheumatoid arthritis which limits his movement rendering him incapable of taking care of her or her younger brother, and her mother is an undiagnosed bipolar-psychotic. Okay psychotic might be an exaggeration, but she is certainly bipolar. Both of them fight constantly. So this brave 17-year-old is left parenting her younger brother. She makes dinner, cleans dishes, pays for her own food and clothes, and on top of that she has to work at the barn in order to pay for her horse’s board. As far as boyfriend’s go, she has somehow managed to find the worst. From emotional manipulators, to disrespectful, immature little boys she has had the best intentions and the worst luck. It makes it harder for her to show her emotions and open her heart to others.


Drama is usually part of the horse-barn lifestyle and this girl’s life is no exception. She is a straightforward, honest person who doesn’t deal with other people’s crap, yet somehow she gets caught up in the most over-the-top situations you can imagine. When she fell in love with a beautiful palomino horse, the owner threatened to take it away from her on numerous occasions. After spending almost a month in the hospital due to a bone cyst in her lower leg, she came home to find that she had been replaced at work. Once she was finally given enough shifts to pay for the procedures her horse needed, she was told that she would no longer be paid for her work at the barn.


Being an emotional person myself, it is hard to see her go through all of this crap. Whether she’s grumpy and yelling or heartbroken, frustrated, and crying, I only wish I could do something to make it better.
I, however, have really high hopes for her future. I believe that if you start at the bottom you can only go up. She is a fantastic, hardworking student, a prizewinning, horse-riding, athlete, and a talented caring person. I proud to call her my friend.


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