A boy walks down the crowded Keene High hallway. He sees girls all around him. He sees short girls, tall girls, skinny girls, and curvy girls. Some have big butts, others have little ones. Some girls let their tatas hang out of their shirts and others keep the wrapped underneath inches of fabric. The boy ogles them all. It’s not his fault that he was raised in a generation where female bodies are simply sexual objects. Despite these other features, he is particularly attracted to…their shoulders. He can not help it; the smooth skin that curved into their backs drive him wild. Ah shoulders! Why are these girls allowed to walk around with their shoulders showing? It’s awfully distracting to the poor, hormone-crazed boy. Unfortunately for the school board and paranoid parents of the century, this is not how the teenage brain thinks. Those who enforce the no spaghetti strap rule convince themselves that this story is true when it is just silly. Even if a girl wears a burka, boys who sexualize girl’s bodies will simply undress them in their mind. If what a female student is wearing is such a concerning problem for male’s concentration, then we should be focusing on teaching boys to respect women for the mind and not their body.

These days you can’t turn on the television without seeing a clothing as showing up a girl’s skirt, or a show where a guy is talking about what a girl’s body looks. Derogatory words such a “hot”  and “smokin'” are now supposed to be received as compliments. Why does “sex sell”? Because we let it. We make sex sell. That is what the media is teaching children. Video games for 9 year old boys like Tomb Raider or GTA have overly sexual and glamorized women flouncing around or waiting to be saved.

The only way to undo the damage that social media and television have done on the boys of this generation is to re-educate men and boys entirely on the dynamic between men and women. If Parents taught their sons to respect women from the day they were born, the world would be a world of justice. If adults would stop assuming that girls are a distraction to boys and convincing themselves. The media should stop portraying women as sexual objects and instead demonstrate their many accomplishments.

In a perfect world boys would grow up learning about the great thoughts and accomplishments of women and there would be no need for girls to conceal their bodies. Is it really necessary to have such a strict dress code when boys are already being submitted to much worse images of women in their own homes? Boys and dress codes are not the problem. How we educate our boys is.


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