The name of the subject in this article will remain anonymous for now because for some reason, I feel more comfortable being vague and mysterious.
This 6’ 7’’ Ariana Grande loving 18 year old boy is a rare breed. He is kinder than you would expect out of a varsity basket-ball player but, then again, a lot of things about him surprised me.

He always wakes up at five in the morning no matter what day of the week it is. On weekends he goes fishing. He isn’t the best at this sport, but it is the one thing that relaxes him. When he goes fishing he doesn’t have to think about his fear of heights, his plummeting grades, or his emotionally abusive basketball coach. He can just sit in his little rowboat and enjoy the silence.

For four long years he’s played basketball on the school’s team. He worked his way from a long legged, uncoordinated freshmen to a confident, ball dunking, varsity player. His friends are what keep him going. Without them, he would never have put up with his coach for this long. At least he knows what he never wants to grow up to be. Coach is insane. Coach throws tantrums, puts down the team, and belittles every single accomplishment.

Anxiety for this young man is a huge obstacle. He hates trying new things. He knows it should be fun and exciting, but he dreads the unexpected. He worries that he will fail in front of all of the people he’s trying to impress. In this aspect I can relate completely.

In all reality, he is a chill, generally nice guy, but he can’t see that. Everybody else sees the great in him. It’s almost hypocritical for me to write that, considering my similar situation, but I feel as if, being the judgmental person I am, I can see myself objectively and know for a fact that I have no assets. I wonder if that’s how he feels?


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