Peeling Onions

This article is about a boy at my school that shall remain anonymous for the purpose of my safety. Due to past experiences, I would not put physical or mental attacks past him. After all, he once stormed out of a room and threw his head against a wall because some other boy “stole” his crush. For a while, I considered him a friend, but recently I have found him more similar to a pet parrot that won’t stop talking. It’s quite possible I’d prefer the latter. I think perhaps a parrot might realize that it was not the most important thing in the room. I have never met a more self serving, ass kissing boy in my life.

Remember that kid in kindergarten that everyone hated? That’s him. Mrs. Sunshine or whatever, would say something like, “Alright class we are all going to eat apples for snack.” Then this kid goes, “Yeah, I love apples, but I think the Latin name is malum. Did you know that Newton’s favorite fruit was actually the pear? By the way Mrs. Sunshine, you’re my favorite teacher ever.” The class collectively rolls their eyes at the aspiring brown-noser.

Nowadays he masquerades behind a shield of self-righteousness and the entire oxford dictionary, but if you spend a day with him you can peel his layers off like an onion. Speaking of onions, he is also similar to this disgusting vegetable in that no matter how stupid it seems, you can’t help but cry when you’re around him and he often leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. He will whine and moan for hours about how nobody loves him, but when you try to be kind, you are never good enough for him. He holds the worst qualities of a modern day “hipster” and the worst part is that he’s proud of it like a pirate and his gold. Unlike buried treasure, however, no matter how deep you’re digging, you never find anything but frustration and disappointment at the lack of human emotions and likable qualities in this husk of a person.

Harsh? Maybe, but I will say that I am just as harsh to myself. If you knew the kind of tears and rage a single sentence from his mouth can induce then you’d see how warranted this article is.


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