Bring Back the Bubbling Brooks

Clear, bubbling streams, full of fresh, blue drinking water.

Clean agua, perfect for the deer who drinks with pleasure.

The  beaver in the lake swimming, laughing with an otter.

The river is one miniscule example of a natural treasure.


A tree, years of shade and wisdom in its heart.

Rings of time adorn its waist and tell a story.

A classic piece, appearing oft’ in art.

The mother of flora standing powerful, and tall in sunshine glorious.


A people, appreciative of outside views.

A  family picnicking in summer.

An old man who doesn’t watch the news,

Who instead walks the forest, a nature lover.


A culture, respecting all hearts filled with love.

A village coming all together.

The children who don’t shout and shove,

But who have learn to share with one another.


Once upon a time these things were so

In summer children played among the flowers

In winter making igloos in the snow

Outside we used to horse around for hours


Now trash

               old and


Now fast   

              rushing into


Leaving rubbish


                                           anywhere we find convenient.

I grow sick of the sounds


                                               taste of chemicals in my food

Animals dying

                    air polluted with poison and garbage.


Despite knowing you can stop this

You would rather sit at home

Stay inside in ignorant bliss

And you are are not alone.


So many people choose to ignore

The heartbreaking downfall of nature

So many people think it’s a chore

And ignore their disgusting behavior.



           for me

And my generation,


Help bring back the bubbling brooks.


Clear, bubbling streams, full of fresh, blue water,

This beauty can happen once more,

Remember the river, the flowers, the otter,

And know nature is part of your core.


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