Movie Night: Erin Brockovich

On Saturday the 6th of February I watched a movie called Erin Brockovich about the negative environmental and health effects of Chromium 6. At first I was not sure about how good the movie was going to be, but it was actually inspiring. It made me want to help people the way she did while at the same time learning crazy things about science.


When I was younger I always wanted to be a mailman or a detective. The reason I wanted to be a mailman was because of the unexplainable joy I would feel opening envelopes and packages with my name on them and I’ve always wanted to make people happy. The reason I wanted to be a detective was because I have always enjoyed solving mysteries. It has, during the past two years, become clear that science is a way that I can accomplish both. Finding the animal tracks is a mystery, and inventing water filters for developing countries is certainly one way to help people.


Overall this movie sparked the part of me that is interested in scientific activism and awoke my inner scientist. I plan on conducting water tests locally and finding more about water safety regulations.


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