The Challenge

I am a very judgmental person. I may seem sweet and kind, but on the inside I am quite judgmental. It’s human nature! So when I first entered the Adventure Challenge classroom, I was terrified. My eyes saw people, but my brain took inventory: 3 rednecks, 3 jocks, 3 smart kids, 1 average girl, 1 shy girl, and 1 sporty girl. How could I relate? I didn’t like sports or fishing and I didn’t have a 4.05 average GPA. Where was I going to fit.  I was great at stereotyping other people, but not myself. It was bad at first. Every day I would find myself infuriated by the kids that refused to participate. Were they even aware that they signed up for this? Why would anyone complain about standing up? This was a PE credit after all! I found myself constantly being forced to volunteer just to make sure my teacher didn’t start hating our class. I went first for everything because nobody else could be bothered.

After what seemed like forever, I started to understand these people. The sporty ones didn’t want to exercise because they spent hours of practice at basketball every evening and  the smart ones were shy and didn’t want to be made fun of due to their good grades. They spent more time completing homework than learning how to be outgoing. The rednecks liked fishing because it gave them a sense of peace. At this point in time I stopped stereotyping and started to learn everyone’s names. Even though negativity and lack of motivation still snuck into some classes, I began to enjoy myself in Adventure Challenge.


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