The Regulars

TJ Maxx is always filled with people searching for the perfect deal. It makes sense, since we are a bargain store, that we have a few crazies. I’m not saying that if you shop at a discount store then you are crazy. What I am saying is that, if you are crazy, you are a lot more likely to walk into the store, look around for a couple of hours, and walk out with $482 worth of rubber spatulas. That, somehow, was a nonfictional event in the store where I work. I found that purchase more bizarre than the man who regularly buys brightly colored cooking knives of all shapes and sizes in bulk. At least I can imagine what he might use the knives for; cooking, torture, collecting, live action role-play, but what could any one person do with over 120 miniature rubber spatulas? Are they party favors, a subtle hint to her husband that he needed to start cooking, or did she just have a cooking staff of 120 oompa loompas that each need their own baking spatula? Obviously I have to much time to think about these kinds of things at work.

The point, which I diverged from rapidly in the previous paragraph, is that we have a lot of crazy customers and in the next couple of posts I will give a nice picture of what an average day might be like surrounded by these retail junkies.




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